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Master Guitar Scale Pattern

One Scale Pattern Approach, It's That Simple!

The Guitar Maps approach is designed for guitar players that want a simple, fast and effective way to develop a better vision of the whole guitar fret board. Developed to learn the guitar neck as one scale pattern. It Works! They almost instantly give you the ability to improvise better guitar leads and solos, in any key, anywhere on the fret board.


Eliminate Bad Notes!


 Guitar Maps are shown in every key, major and minor. This allows you to Learn The Guitar Neck as One Big Scale. This gives you the ability to solo in any key, major or minor, without hitting any bad notes. Full size printable scale maps to practice with in every key, major and minor so you can see the pattern consistantly to master it.


Break The Guitar Solo Rut "The Box"


 Break the habit of practicing standard 4 or 5 fret guitar scales. When improvising a guitar solo you will find yourself limited to that box, making all your solos sound the same... The Box!


Just Made Sense


 I knew, in order to play unique sounding solos I had to break out of "the box" the rut of a guitar scale. I needed an easy way to connect the different scale modes to have a better vision of the fret board, as one master pattern.


Using Guitar Maps with Guitar Backing Tracks

 I went through the process of creating study guides or "maps" of the full fret board scale, showing me every good note I could play in that key. I started creating and Using Guitar Backing Tracks with the Maps. At first I started by just simply picking at some random notes shown on the map but started in a different position on the fretboard. This instantly got me away from always starting on the root note, this dramatically changed the phrasing of what I was playing. It has only gotten better from there. Literally within a few weeks of practicing like this, I was becoming a true lead guitar player... It Works!!   **Listen to and Download the MP3 Backing Tracks I Created Below**


Revised Edition!


*Now Includes Pentatonic Scale Maps*

 If you are looking to learn to play with the pentatonic, the Guitar Maps approach is the way to do it! Provided are pentatonic scale maps for every key, major and minor shown all the way up the fret board.


Similar programs and books can be confusing and expensive.


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The Guitar Maps Catalog Includes:


24 Full Size Guitar Scale Maps | 24 Pentatonic Scale Maps

Mode Pattern Shapes | Power of the Chromatic Scale

plus Chord Charts with Hundreds of Chord Variations

PDF Format | Printer Friendly | Over 80 Pages


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